An article about why women love Dan Bilzerian

An article about why women love Dan Bilzerian.

One day, little if any is known about him, and the next, everyone on social media is talking about the latest sensation, a man rich enough to hire someone to stroke his beard. That happens nowhere other than in a poker tournament, a serious poker tournament, and from then on, the weirdness doesn’t fade, it grows with a show of his lifestyle each day. That’s how Dan Bilzerian, a British social media sensation introduced himself to the world, but we ask ourselves how he makes so many women love him despite all this weirdness. Well, it’s because he is the perfect dream bad boy, is high class, swims in doo, and doesn’t force himself into anyone’s life, he lets them force themselves into his.

Women, well, most do not look

Women, well, most do not look for a perfect gentleman in any relationship, they look for honesty and pride, and that’s what Dan is, a completely honest ‘bad boy’. He does shooting and fights for fun, hence maintaining his masculinity which turns women on, and he has vehicles to die for, completing the look with a Viking Beard. Like other bad boys, he doesn’t give a damn what others think or do, so whenever he is with you, it is real, and if he is not interested, he’ll tell you outright. Women like knowing that their relationship, no matter how short won’t be interfered with, so his don’t care attitude pulls multitudes, and the arrogant confidence he exudes is a plus, making women feel safe.

An article about why women love Dan Bilzerian

Whether rich or not, a woman can be attracted to any high man, and that’s something Dan will be even without splashing his money around. From ruling on Instagram like it is his palace, to hanging out with greats like Floyd Mayweather and flaunting it, he does everything that makes and keeps him famous, hence attracting women even without meaning it. Moreover, his Instagram is filled with boastful pictures and videos of his good times with various women, attracting potential future catches by who and what he is. Everyone, including any woman loves loves what many want and none can completely get, so the latter will surely want to try their luck on becoming the next temporary Missus Bilzerian.

Most men with his fame would want to force themselves into people’s lives and numerous women would go willingly, but he doesn’t have that shortcoming either. Dan doesn’t compel people to love him or force himself into their lives, he lets them force themselves into his. Rather than running around looking for a party to attend and remain in the circle, he organizes his parties without caring if people will attend. But with that personality, none wouldn’t want to go experience the fan proclaimed Instagram King’s actions first-hand. It pays to be clingy and a little forceful when searching for love, but feigning disinterest and aloofness earns more points, and Dan grabs almost all of them.

Men would think that women will hate or fear Dan Bilzerian because of his lifestyle, yet these vices they think are a turn off do the opposite, bringing the much-needed realness and honesty. The man is so real, making women love him both romantically and admirably, he is rich in money and knowledge, and likes the finer things in life. He is the perfect definition of a complete package that has everything in one, the swagger, confidence, class, carefree attitude, and of course, the cash.

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