Girls with makeup or without makeup

Girls with makeup or without makeup.

As the saying goes dress the way you want to be addressed, people treat you based on the way you dress. If you dress shabbily people may not want to associate you and whatever surrounds you and the like. This same principle works in the beauty industry too especially ladies make up and so on. Most ladies put on makeup whenever they are going out for a date with a guy when they are going out to an occasion where they are bigwigs there. Frankly speaking, the ladies putting on a makeup actually beautifies them and makes them more attractive. Men rarely put on a makeup but some times they do put on and these men are those usually in the music circles and some others.

People put on makeup and consider

People put on makeup and consider that as an art but others don’t like that and shun upon of those wearing a makeup. The painful issue is that after wearing a makeup your face will be hidden and people may hardly recognize you some times. What often raises the issue is that ladies says that a makeup after wearing a makeup you get attention. They also look important adoring and confident, and they have the gust to communicate well. When, people are faced with bare face they are not usually giving attention. Other colleagues offer such ladies some conservations, and they are not always happy the way their colleagues usually dress. You will get some casual smiles at some places and, that is the behavior of human beings.

On the other hand, when you

On the other hand, when you meet women with makeup they are usually dolled up and praised from guys. Most females do confess that they are also excited a day they put on a makeup and their image is always honored. Women put it that as a female if you do not put on a makeup you cannot get a date, and they do speak some profane words on them. Girls some times can be amazing, so if you are not wearing a makeup your colleagues may come with their boyfriends just to spy at you to see how you will feel. Some times girls can even fight with you if they realize are not wearing a makeup because their boy friends may be looking at you. Putting on makeup it is possible for you to go to the VIP line without any send away.

Girls with makeup or without makeup

Though most girls use makeup, there are some of them who are not interested with idea at all. Some do not just want to be associated with makeup, and they see it to be very disgusting and not loving. Makeup gives confidence to girls as already described but is surprising to know that some girls are not confident and comfortable with that, some girls do sweat when makeup is on. Others argue that the natural body or skin is enough to and does not want any foreign assistance. There are some who are of the notion that makeups makes you grow old and makes you look weird. This is because when you are using artificial face the absence of it allows your face to assume a different face and that is what guys always see as having an old face.

Just as girls are divided on these issue of makeup, boys are equally divided on that issue and is interesting for you to note. There are boys who believe that makeup is good for girls because they make them look attractive and some times even sexy. Most boys are interested in girls putting up makeup their faces, and they prefer to link up with them and to go out with them on a date. As lady most guys will develop interest for you if you are on something that they like, and makeup is what they want. However, some guys view that differently, they don’t like girls who wear a makeup, and their reason is that they are not original when they wear a makeup.

Some have the mind that they don’t just like the idea it upsets them, and they feel offended and they don’t just want it. These two groups are playing on different side of the matter and each has what they want. Makeup shops are now on the rise since most boys and girls are interested in the act but on the other side some are not interested in the makeup thing.

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