Importance of Direct Eye Contact while in the Game of Poker

Importance of Direct Eye Contact while in the Game of Poker

Poker games are not easy to play because it is based on random chances. Experts have identified series of importance of making eye contacts with other players in the game. It is based on probability; that is, there is no guarantee for success or failure. But those who have mastered the ways of detecting players bluffing and those who truly have good games on their hands. Eye contact can reveal so much about what someone feels inside. A player can be bluffing, but he truly does not have the upper hand; a play might lose control and try to give up not knowing he has a better hand than the pretender.

However, looking at other's eyes in

However, looking at other’s eyes in the game can make them lose control and lose the game. The reason is because can be pretending to have better plays than others, but he does not. When you look deeply into his eyes, you might likely notice what he actually feels inside. Some players can hide well their feelings just to deceive you as a player. When you can follow their eyes, you can know their hearts, thereby knowing how to beat them. A player claiming to hold valuable cards can succeed if others do not know how to detect a deceiver. As a sharp pretender, you can win a game, even when you have the baddest cards.

Eye contact is important because some

Eye contact is important because some persons are already addicted to alcohol; they get strength from it. Yet, drink does not allow them to be on good emotional standard. A drinker might not know someone is watching his body movement through his eyes. If you misbehave when you take alcoholic drinks, it is better not to take it while playing poker. People might use it against you. Eye contact helps you to know when a player is bluffing and when he is doing so. When a someone becomes serious, it implies that he is arranging his games.

Importance of Direct Eye Contact while in the Game of Poker

As you continue to look at him, you might understand when he actually sets his game well. Poker needs thinking, and carries tension; opponents look almost obsessed with it. At the beginning, tension will be high; and toward the end, especially when they feel their individual games are normal, they begin to relax. If you have contact with their eyes, you will notice when someone’s heart is calm. Then, you can begin to suspect he has upper hand, and he will not notice because he is perhaps not having eye contact with you. You can know what someone has in mind through eye contact; the way he moves his eyes can tell you much about what he has in mind.

Looking at player’s eyes makes you look capable; so you look at others as they look at you, and you all feel strong in the game; and every player will become a suspect. And tension will be on the increase; and you become more confident than others as you look at them; they feel you are smarter than them. You dominate them through contact with their eyes; if they are not confident, they will focus on their game plan. When someone is not making an eye contact with others, it may mean that the person is hiding his feelings. Yet, the other person that looks, understands what he is actually hiding. So, it is not good to keep your eyes down; remember that they are studying your feelings.

As a tactical gambler wearing dark glasses, you cover your feelings showing on your face. Your opponents may be looking into your eyes but see nothing and you will be monitoring their eyes without their notice. So, it is a weapon that your eyes are not seen; no gambler can read you from the eyes. If you have a better skill in eye contact, your fellow players will admire you more; they will feel that you have the upper. And when game is on, they will be more terrified to play with you than another person. This gives you more confidence as you play and win.

In summary, eye contact in this type of game is very necessary; it is not like football or tennis games that require looking up and down as the ball rolls. This involves persons sitting together and trying to outsmart players by carrying the most valued cards. The more persons discover the power behind this, the more the game becomes more competitive. As you try to study people, the same they are doing toward you.

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