List of sexy girls who play poker

List of sexy girls who play poker

Poker is great, its popularity has grown even more because people now know about it and appreciate the game more. Having ladies in any sports event makes the game sweeter especially when they are us hot as the ones on the list. Women have shown that poker is not just a man’s field and have invaded the whole thing to make themselves showstoppers. Ladies have been put in the back seats when it came to poker in past events but these women stood firm to disapprove this stereotypical concept.

The first is Maria Ho who

The first is Maria Ho who is a beautiful woman from Taipei and her works go beyond any describable experience. She has netted millions of dollars just by playing at the tables in major events. Maria is a world recognized player who has made her name so man times proving well that she earned the crown. Apart from playing at the tables, she is a model and a television show host in the famous American Idol. Her shows are thrilling, and she has come from far showing that she is multi talented.

Christina Lindley is a face to

Christina Lindley is a face to look out for because the sexy lady is on the run to making it major. She started her modelling career when she was young and succeeded greatly earlier in life. Then, she went for acting until the Writer’s Guild cut her off for a while. Having nothing else to do, she turned on and tried out poker with some low stakes games. Then, she made friends with some players and when the Writer’s Guild strike ended, she decided to try the game. She has been into the game since then and made money from playing.

List of sexy girls who play poker

Kellyann Heffernan is a gorgeous blonde who has kept viewers on the edge while watching tournaments. She is attractive not only in looks but also has good brains making her a real gem. Growing up, she had dreams of becoming a shark biologist because she grew around places of water and the ocean. She is now the shark in her field of work winning prizes and awards that she has won are remarkable. Kellyann wants to make a difference in her world with the money that she wins. Erica Schoenberg is a dazzling lady who has both looks and skills. Her career is short-term, and she was trained in blackjack by an award- winning player.

Heffernan has earned an incredible amount in live poker and is sponsored by Full Tilt Poker. Jeniffer Tilly is back after she gave herself a long break from playing the game. She has a big career in being a model, actress and a poker player. On the screen, she seems like a sweetheart playing cool and all you must know that she is a real shark. She plays like her life depends on it and her opponents often get confused by the looks as she plays quite well. Currently, she is dating a professional poker player and it must be said that she is too sexy for her age.

Vanessa Rousso has won millions in poker games and when you mix money and beauty well, she is a goddess. She ranks as one of the best earned players, and she shows good combo of skills in tournaments. Vanessa has become one of the most successful women in the poker world and is enthusiastic about helping others. She is also a model and has featured in many magazines, and she’s surely a hotcake. Last is Melanie Weisner who is a redhead that made a name for herself in games. She won big in an online event while still at the University. After graduating, she continued and won much more in love events and competitions.

Coming second in place at the Grand Final in Montre Carlo, she showed an outstanding performance. These women have shown skills and succeeded in poker to show that they can do it. They show that you can have both beauty and brains with a bag of cash on your side. These ladies have changed how people view them and cut the wood to build a table for themselves in the tournaments. You should strive to be as beautiful and brainy as these women and make sure to enjoy each victory every step of the way and you will make it.

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