Why Gamer Babes Are So Hot

Why Gamer Babes Are So Hot

Since computers and video gaming became part of our lives, there has been an interesting development in the gaming industry, recently, the number of girl gamers has increased significantly. These gamers have something special in common that makes them be often regarded by men as ‘hot.’ Even if not all of them are masters in this field, they absolutely know what’s up.

Like driving manual vehicles, manual motorcycles, drinking beer, and whiskey are considered masculine activities, so are video games. Usually, when a female ventures into a field dominated by men, it is found attractive, and men find it ‘hot.’ That is reasonable because human beings would like that their potential partners share the same hobbies and interests as them.

The third reason why these gamers

Considering that playing video games is regarded as a male affair, most men use many hours on their computer screens playing video games, especially during weekends, which is likely to annoy women. It is only logical that men will find female gamers who have the same interests to be hot. The advice to wives and girlfriends, if your man is struggling to make ends meets for the family, working 8 hours a day, even taking care of household responsibilities. When your husband arrives home stressful and exhausted as you can imagine, allow him to play video games, don’t get mad. If possible, join him, you would probably find yourself enjoying the game, at the same time creating a stronger bond with your man.

The third reason why these gamers are considered hot is that the internet has made most believe they are hot. Often gamer girls are depicted both in pictures and advertisements as happy, pretty souls. Mostly gamer babes are portrayed as sexy, curvy girls, something that may not always be true. Social media networks have brainwashed most to believe that all gamer babes are hot. That is the case with YouTube, where more girls major because gamer girls deck themselves in makeup and short skirts for followers. This is not realistic since many of these poor souls just put on their sweatpants and bun up their hair for a 6-hour gaming spree.

Gamer babes make the perfect wives

The fourth reason is that girl gamers have this beautiful quality of understanding, even at times compromising, these are qualities that men really deeply appreciate. When a man doesn’t give them much attention as they give to the game, female gamers will understand because they are aware of the struggles of gaming and will get an immediate remedy to the problem. Female gamers don’t fret or get mad when their man spends more than half the day at their friend’s place to win a game, instead, they can even join the game.

Gamer babes make the perfect wives any man can think of. Can you imagine having your gaming partner simultaneously, your best friend, then the same person as your lover under one roof? Well, that rare combination of those three qualities is exactly what gamer babes are made of. You lose against them in one game, you beat them in another, take a coffee break, then you continue again. Those men who are privileged to have those three qualities in one woman would explain the feeling better. Above all, gamers give men the perfect love you can imagine, they love from the bottom of their heart.

Why Gamer Babes Are So Hot

Female gamers are unique in that you can never find two gamer ladies with the same qualities. A good example is when you watch them interact with fellow female gamer girlfriends and their gamer spouses, it’s an interesting, entertaining sight. These pretty souls are always chatting about their gaming strategies to defeat their opponents with a lot of humor and egotism.

Unlike most men and women, girl gamers are true to character. It’s often a common thing to see women change their characters to win over a man only to return to their snake character, later on, the same is true with men who change to lure ladies. But female gamers are different since they always try to be as true with you as possible, when gamer girls chat with you, they will always reveal their true emotions and personality. This quality is attributed to the practical skills acquired when playing large community online games, skills such as collaboration teach them to be ready to help in case of a problem.

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