Why Women Suck At Poker

Why Women Suck At Poker

Poker is a game that involves playing with cards and is often played in casinos or mobile phones. People say that women are not good at poker because it’s hard to find them at the casino playing cards, but that does not mean they are bad. There is a thing called societal pressure that does not allow females to sit at a poker table. In most societies, it’s a man’s game, the majority believe that only men can play poker and win, but that is not always the case. The game has the male domination that makes men feel like alphas in the game. Besides, men too suck in the game, but looking further into it, you will find that colleens too are bad at poker. Here are some reasons why.

Bad risk-takers, you will find that colleens do take less seriously than men. When colleens lose a single game, you will not see again putting their cheque on the table, unlike men. Men, after they lose some money, will probably bet somewhere else. Most colleen will stay on the table only when they are winning but not during losses. Females don’t like taking risks, especially when faced with stressful situations.

The sexualization of females in poker,

Non-analytical, when playing poker, you have to deal with your odds. That is, think about the probability of what will happen in the game. Most men can do this in their sleep and place the correct odds plus chose the right cards. Female tends to be bad at this, plus they may have an emotional advantage where men may try to flirt with them and let them win. We may agree that men do underestimate themselves in regard to the fields where men rule.

The sexualization of females in poker, men may not consider this a disadvantage. It is not them who are being annoyingly looked at with pervert eyes constantly hearing sexual violence jokes, where there is no peace. The majority of female has experienced men threats to win. Girls have been threatened with getting raped if there are aces or winning cards. These females are being harassed daily by people who see them as objects, and they try to be lame to draw away attention from them.

Why Women Suck At Poker

Quick to anger, poker is considered as a game of the mind. The players are playing with the other players’ minds where you have to play tricks to win. During a play, you have to make the other players tick. Colleen doesn’t like being ticked plus can go off when lied to. The majority of colleen doesn’t like bluffs and will go a long way to see what cards you have where they will spend a lot to see your bluff. Controlling their anger during the game is difficult than it may sound. When someone ticks them, women get stress and aggressive very fast.

Females are doing good in poker, plus there are top female players in card games who have mastered the art of poker. Women do not have anything that is physically holding them back. Many have made it, so can the rest of the female population. It’s only a little setback; anyone can become good at poker when you learn the useful tricks and train your brain to know the tricks.

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